Innovate, balance supply, reduce losses and optimize production under increasing pressures.

Optimize production, boost revenue – The software solutions we develop for agriculture allow you to automate up to 75% of your business activity flow, to make seasonal planning, monitoring, fieldwork cost-effective.

We’ll help you transform your data into accurate predictions that allow you to plan smarter scheduling, crop distribution, and yields

Monitor crops and livestock, collect data and react to critical issues faster by connecting to the most relevant technologies – sensors, weather stations, drones, and connected agriculture tools.

EVDELO can help you integrate simple mobile technologies, seamlessly, across your fields, warehouses, labs, and admin facilities – for better business-wide collaboration and more efficient production.

Technologies We Work With

Data science and predictive modelling
Satellite images
Analytics and visualisation
Platforms and microservices


  • Keep your farm records and all farming data in one place
  • Get real-time insight into daily progress of your crops and activities
  • Manage sales, expenses and cash flow to ensure the health of your finances
  • Make smart and timely decisions to improve yield and profit based on the right and accurate data
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