Online Auction Solution Development

If you are interested in developing a custom online auction website or mobile app, our experience at EVDELO can go a long way towards getting you the perfect system in place.

As we develop the ultimate auction Mobile app that your business needs, we see to it that it complies with all the legal requirements on how this kind of business should run. In addition, we will make it easier for our clients in defining their requirements for a web application. We will ensure a streamlined process in the front-end of an auction application as it will reach sellers and buyers.

Running the back-end process of the auction web & mobile application may be too complex to imagine but we will make sure that our clients will get the most number of training for this matter. We will provide endless support for the maintenance and continuous development of such web application.

Technologies We Work With

Sub-Second Streaming
Natural Language Processing
Data Mining
Mobile and Wearables
Machine Learning


  • Bidding platform, seamlessly integrated in to your website;
  • Low latency, sub-second delay audio and video HD streaming
  • Auction Management Tools
  • Multi Language/Currency solutions
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