Healthcare Software Solutions

Deliver affordable services that are attuned to better patient outcomes, through technological innovation.

We embrace modern technologies and harness our decade long expertise in healthcare software development to support our medical partners in their mission to save lives, improve the quality of medical services and increase patient care by offering precise and fast diagnosis and treatment.

At Evdelo, we focus on what really matters in healthcare software development and we always have a patient-centric approach. We deliver software for healthcare organizations, care providers, healthcare software vendors (ISVs), device manufacturers or any startup with a great idea.

We craft valuable medical software with a passion for technology, empathy for patients, together with our partners.

Technologies We Work With

Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Data Mining
Machine Learning
Medical Recommendation Systems
Mobile and wearables


  • Automation of pharmaceutical solutions
  • Outpatient and inpatient records management systems
  • Artificial intelligence, services personalization
  • Clinical Trials Management Solutions
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