Case Study

eLearning Solution for Professional Corporate Training

We've built an intelligent eLearning software platform that delivers comprehensive career training to a german corporation employees

CloudPlatform developmentUX/UI

Business challenge

Our client’s solution was aimed at changing employees’ work habits and lifestyles to create a more motivated and dynamic workplace,organizing corporate trainings using engaging video tutorials, online courses, webinars, interactive templates, and other user-centric content.

In addition, the platform’s flexible nature allows for customizations to cater to specific corporate needs and the goals of end customers.

Solution delivered

Evdelo has become the development provider for the cloud-based eLearning solution. The intelligent eLearning software platform was designed to stir users’ desire to learn by providing a constant stream of targeted learning resources in a variety of formats. It uses machine learning to display the most relevant content to users. 

The platform delivers personalized learning experiences and measures the impact of training with the help of these engaging and interactive tools:

  • Skill paths: easy-to-understand videos united by a shared theme make up a skill path that takes the learner through a productivity-focused program. Once a learner is through a course, they complete a quiz and can share their results with colleagues.
  • Gamification badges and ratings: this includes achievement badges, assessments, and company standings to motivate healthy professional competition within the company.
  • Communication tools: users receive notifications, reminders, and announcements via consolidated or individual emails and MS Teams chatbots, in order to keep employees engaged and informed about new assignments and upcoming live events;
  • Performance tracking and engagement reports: deep insights into employee learning behavior, user progress, and training effectiveness through customizable analytics dashboards.

​Business outcome

As more and more organizations start to see tangible ROI as a result of the increased professional skills of their employees, the demand for the intelligent eLearning software platform is growing. With Evdelo’s vast engineering capacity at their disposal, our client will continue to surge ahead with their innovative, on-demand eLearning products.

Key Features

  • Personalize corporate trainings
  • Engage employees in learning with gamification
  • Improve the communication
  • Change employees’ learning habits

Industry: eLearning
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
Market: Europe
Team size: 2 members
Cooperation: October 2019 – present
Technologies: Docker / Node.JS / Vue.JS / MongoDB

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