Case Study

Farm Management System to Boost Production and Profitability

We’re building a series of farm software solutions to promote sustainable farming practices among growers around the world

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Business challenge

Our client, wanted to optimize the resources of his farm and manage fields in a more efficiently way.

To aggregate all on-field data in one place and provide real-time visibility of farming operations, EVDELO team rose to the challenge of setting the development for this farming management system and turn it into a digital service hub for various growers.

Solution delivered

The farming management system was designed to give growers a clear and comprehensive picture of their current farming operations by tracking on-field activities, monitoring weather conditions, and planning crop protection measures. 

Crop producers can use this system to better manage their harvests, plan yields, and get recommendations for the right crop varieties, planting schedules, fertilizer types, and more.

The multi-service platform we developed is packed with features that let growers run their farms in line with their business goals and projections:

  • A crop rotation chart with an analysis histogram gives farmers a view of the order in which fields are sown with different types of crops to increase soil fertility. This feature is especially helpful for managing multiple harvests when proper timing and scheduling of seeding is hard to implement.
  • A weather functionality includes detailed weather forecasts for the upcoming period, weather analysis by periods with dynamic layers (temperature, humidity, precipitation, clouds, wind direction, etc.)
  • Disease management provides a view of plant growth and disease risks across the entire farm and in each specific field. In the event of a disease or pest outbreak, the affected field is highlighted to notify the user of necessary spraying measures.
  • NDVI analysis of satellite imagery allows growers to scan crop health and detect anomalies. With the help of space images, users can monitor seed coverage and germination, vegetation growth rates, photosynthesis levels in plants, and other crop details.
  • Drill maps and soil maps allow farmers to indicate different types of soil on a field map. A soil profile of a field ensures a better understanding of soil compaction, texture, moisture retention, and root zone depth to choose optimal crop varieties and growing methods.
  • An interactive operations board with moving cards and lists lets farmers visualize the workflow, measure progress in fields, and create operational plans. With each operation (sow, plant, water, spray, etc.) advancing through statuses on the board (to-do, in progress, done), the user ensures their business stays on schedule with farm activities.

​Business outcome

We have provided senior engineering expertise and world-class services to our client, leading to successful stabilization and offering growers a wealth of ROI opportunities and operational benefits.

The solution we developed brings these advantages to farmers:

  • Monitor, analyze, and strategically plan all activities on the farm to improve yields, stay profitable, and enhance sustainable farming practices;
  • Increase the efficiency of crop cultivation by mapping planting plans, providing a history of sowing, predicting weather changes, and analyzing farm territory with the help of GIS precision analysis
  • Apply on-time protection to insulate against risk in case of an insect, pest, or disease occurrence in a field;
  • Keep better records, manage resources, track production, identify trends, and gain insights for efficient decision-making

Key Features

  • Handle all farm workflows from seeding to harvesting
  • Automate field operations and production
  • Monitor weather changes and pest risks

Industry: Agriculture, LBS
Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania
Market: Europe
Team size: 4 members
Cooperation: March 2017 – present
Technologies: GCP / Docker / Elasticsearch / Leaflet / Node.JS / React / Redis / MongoDB

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