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Business challenge

As continuing to gain market share, our client, a traditional retailer, was seeking for solutions to increase efficiency and improve time-to-market. The process of hand-measuring garments during product development and quality control is one of the most time consuming and inconsistent processes in this industry. 

It’s changing how consumers shop for clothes online and think about fit. Because the game shouldn’t be about confusing size charts, multiple size orders, the hassle of endless returns or quite simply clothes that don’t quite fit. It’s about taking the guessing and frustration out of shopping and ensuring every person gets a perfect fit each and every time.

Solution delivered

We were pleased to combine our expertise and provide a seamless plug and play e-commerce solution, create the best possible online made-2-measure suit experience from fit through to manufacture and delivery, in order to replace the tailor’s manual measurements and expand into e-commerce.

The solution was a multi-scanning app. We used Augumented Reality and Deep Learning, to eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming manual fitting sessions. It enables shoppers to be scanned, anytime and anywhere, with their body measurements being accurately calculated within a few minutes and size recommendations provided.

​Business outcome

Once all surveys were collected and the data was analyzed, one thing became abundantly clear, consumers are always interested in a better fit-experience. According to the results 91% liked the idea of using their existing clothes to help our client learn their size, 87% would continue to take photos of their existing clothes if it meant receiving better fitting items by mail, and 85% found the process of placing a garment on the floor and snapping a photo easy. 

The solution we were developing eliminates the need for costly manual measurement sessions, with easy collection of body measurements, anytime, anywhere,  it reduces pre-sampling and saves on inventory over-build and has an intuitive dashboard for managing multiple customer accounts with customized measurement data reports.

Key Features

  • Eliminates the need for costly manual measurement sessions
  • Reduces pre-sampling and saves on inventory over-build
  • Managing multiple customer accounts with customized measurement data reports

Industry: Retail
Headquarters: Husi, Romania
Market: Europe
Team size: 2 members
Cooperation: May 2018 – present
Technologies: React Native / Augmented Reality / NodeJS / MongoDB / Shopify API

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