Case Study

Intelligent Multiplatform for News Production and Distribution

We've created a fully integrated news delivery solution for web and social media

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Business challenge

Our client, a news Production & publishing company, has scaled a lot in the recent years and this has been translated into an exponential increase in the number of employees. They’ve wanted to cut costs by automating more processes in their business, through cheap and stable solutions, in order to manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximizing the value of assets.

Solution delivered

To help manage volume and pace of news on social media, Evdelo we came with the idea of developing comprehensive and user-friendly platform, that empowers a better engage with the audiences on social media.

From using social media as a source, all the way to engaging audiences in complementary experiences, this platform have been designed for publishers to very simply and effectively treat social media as an integrated part of their overall day to day operations, alongside traditional outlets.

The analytical tools give a summary of how social media news are performing. Indicators such as the number of link clicks and reach  allow users to understand how the content they post, is actually performing with their audience.

The intuitive UI helps to better decide which news post is social media worthy, and how to better fine-tune it for their targeted audiences, ultimately delivering a more bespoke content experience and augmenting engagement, and make much more money.

​Business outcome

The powerful solution made by us gives an agile, highly scalable foundation and framework to streamline operations, standardize processes, automate technical tasks, reduce the risk of human errors  and distribute to more outlets today and in the future. It also provides operational transparency with the ability to monitor and analyze KPIs gathered from heterogeneous systems.

Key Features

  • RPA for content distribution
  • Content management system
  • High traffic websites builder

Industry: Media
Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania
Market: Global
Team size: 2 members
Cooperation: January 2020– present
Technologies: React Native / NodeJS / MongoDB / Magento / WebRTC / Websockets / Vue.JS

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