Boost the agility of your IT infrastructure and improve internal collaboration, with EVEDELO’ DevOps consulting services.

We leverage Cloud-based solutions to bring your digital product from idea to release. Evdelo’s DevOps team helps you automate processes and tasks that are critical to the provision of high-quality customer service. 

We build stylish and innovative apps that leave your audience breathless – offering unparalleled usability to make user communication an absolute breeze.

Cost-effectively manage IT systems – We’ll help you enable responsive scaling and cost-effective support. You’ll be able to implement changes faster and deploy updates more frequently, shortening your product or service’s Time to Value, reducing TCO and improving your work environment.

Take care of your data security – Ensure your infrastructure security and stability, introducing centralised monitoring, logging and proactive alerting. You’ll be able to instantly monitor your resources and processes and keep your infrastructure environment running smoothly.

Reduce development lifecycle – Our DevOps experts cover your infrastructure configuration and support, so you can focus your development resources on their key business objectives. With efficient resource distribution, you’ll be able to agree and meet your development goals far more quickly and efficiently – reducing costs and time-to-market.

Improve operations – We’ll help you automate operational and process scaling, so you’ll become agile and capable of flexing infrastructure and resources on demand. This, in turn, creates a more flexible and productive working environment.

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It was an absolute pleasure working with the EVDELO team on our publishing platform, the thinking, speed, proactivity, support and delivery quality was first rate. A real surprise with a first engagement. I wish every partner we worked with was so service driven.

Madalin Preda

CEO, MPublisher

Our Product Design Success

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