Machine Learning

Delight customers and augment businesses by delivering AI-powered solutions.

Evdelo applies deep technological expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence development to help clients deliver personalization and customer convenience at scale.

Our capabilities for rapid prototyping and custom Machine Learning solutions empower clients to tap into unseen market segments, become more efficient, and achieve measurable business outcomes.

How we apply AI to your project

Rapid AI prototyping: Challenge and verify initial ideas by rapidly developing a prototype, show off a demo to stakeholders, and get recommendations on what AI technologies to implement.

Prototype to production: Assess your current prototype and develop a maturing plan with trackable milestones on the way to a production-ready AI prototype – robust and applicable to various scenarios.

AI product development: Start AI product development by collecting requirements and defining time frames, then build a step-by-step product roadmap, from analytical research through final product optimization.

Bespoke AI solutions: Build a custom AI solution and prepare a detailed implementation strategy with various deployment scenarios, covering potential future improvements.

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The technical team exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of their work and their efficiency. They are very flexible and willing to do what it takes to get the project done.

Alin Neacsu

CEO, alAgri

Our Product Design Success

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