Product Design

Validate innovative ideas, develop niche product concepts and create the blueprint for your product’s success

We help companies lead the pack. With innovative product design that solves real problems that people have. We design products with meaning. A product that make a real improvement for the user, in terms of safety, performance, health or living conditions.

We present concept directions in sketch-form, functional and technical solutions, manufacturability solutions and mockups. Together with you, we discuss focus, risk, level of ambition and decide which concept direction to develop further.

By involving you early and deeply in the process with ‘look-in-the-kitchen’ sessions, we choose the best direction together, based on mockups, testing, and a solid design strategy. We show the path we took, the reasons for the decisions we made and will discuss the direction that we believe is best.

We believe in partnership and working together. We make important decisions together, weigh risks, test mockups and discuss design directions. We know our clients’ businesses, their challenges, and help them innovate.

EVDELO’s expert product design team lives and breathes your concept – gaining insights from key stakeholders and the market at large, so you can confidently develop your idea.

Analysis & Scoping – Our team gets to know the intricacies of your business, through deep-dive analysis of you, your customers, competitors, and the market. We first define your product's objectives and after that, we prepare the delivery schedule for the workshop materials.

Workshops & Prototyping – We help you identify possible bottlenecks and define the best solution and technology stack.

Identifying the Best Fit – We will define your project implementation timeline, estimate your development budget and define the best team to facilitate your end vision.

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I worked on several projects with the Evdelo team, and the results were excellent! The steps of a project, in the design phase, decide how the project will go and to what extent it will meet expectations. I believe that the sustained communication, transparency, and promptness of Evdelo have led to the results mentioned above.

Bogdan Anghelina


Our Product Design Success

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