Understanding GPT-3 – Future of AI Text Generation

1. Introduction If you have been following the recent developments in the NLP space, then it would be almost impossible to avoid the GPT-3 hype in the last few months. It all started with researchers in OpenAl researchers publishing their paper “Language Models are few Shot Learners” which introduced the GPT-3 family of models. GPT-3’s …

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Amazon’s recommendation algorithm drives 35% of its sales

Discover how Amazon’s recommendation algorithm drives 35% of its sales and how your business can benefit from recommendations. On this page: Definition of a recommendation algorithm Types of recommendation algorithms What type of recommendation algorithm does Amazon use to drive 35% of online sales? Five business benefits of using recommendation algorithms Are you looking to …

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6 Google machine learning applications

Are you looking to learn how tech giant Google is using machine learning to grow its business? Here are 6 machine learning applications developed by Google In 2016, CEO Sundar Pichai announced the tech company was rebranding itself as a machine learning first company. As of January 2020, Google reached $1 trillion in market value and …

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How To Use Python in Finance and Fintech

Common in applications that range from risk management to cryptocurrencies, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages among financial institutions and fintechs. Its simplicity and robust modeling capabilities make it an excellent tool for researchers, analysts, and traders. Python has been used with success by companies like Stripe, Robinhood or Zopa. According to the HackerRank 2018 Developer Skills Report, Python …

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How to Implement Analytics in Your Mobile App?

The market for mobile apps is flourishing. There are 2.2 million applications available in the App Store and 2.8 million in the Google Play Store – the competition for users’ attention is fierce. It’s predicted that by 2022 mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion, which represents both a huge opportunity and a huge challenge for software …

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Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

There are over seven billion people in the world, and nearly 4.7 billion of them are mobile users. Stats also show that 90% of mobile time is spent on applications. So you may be wondering what kinds of applications (or features) are on the rise. Here’s a peek at consumer demand that we’ve been observing over the past few …

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20 Ideas to Promote Your Mobile App for Free

App promotion – a key element of every successful app launch 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2019 and the app market is constantly growing. The competition for the user’s attention is fierce – if you want to stand out from the crowd not only will you have to build an outstanding product, but also come up …

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4 Top Technologies to Help CFOs Drive Financial Innovation

CFOs are increasingly involved in a broad range of corporate functions that are progressively digital in nature, reaching far beyond mere numbers and reports. CFOs must harness cutting-edge technology to more smartly execute these diverse roles and enable financial innovation within their organisations. The expanding CFO role is more and more reliant on technology Charged with maintaining …

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Why Agile Doesn’t Work And 6 Ways You Can Fix This

Software development frameworks, like Agile, have been around for a while. Most of the models are based on two things: the formation of a hypothesis and the collaboration between areas of knowledge about experiments. The problem is, most of them are already outdated and don’t correspond to modern, real-world scenarios.

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